NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs Available Now on the Google Cloud Platform

For highly demanding interactive and immersive graphics applications, developers need the best GPU accelerators at their disposal. To help artists, architects, and engineers create stunning scenes, Google just announced the availability of the NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs on the Google Cloud Platform … Read more

AI Tackles Offensive Language on Social Media

IBM researchers are working to fix one of the internet’s most significant problems — offensive, and abusive language. With the help of deep learning, the team trained their neural network to automatically turn offensive comments into non-offensive ones.   … Read more

AI Sonnet-Writing Poet Resembles Shakespeare

Researchers from IBM, Thomson Reuters, The University of Melbourne, and University of Toronto trained a deep learning model called “Deep-speare” to capture the language, rhyme, and meter for sonnets, generating poems that resemble ones most famously written by William Shakespear … Read more

AI Helps Detect Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is expected to be the leading source of new cancer for men and the second most frequent cause of death after lung cancer. It is also cancer that is very hard to detect, and small lesions can comprise just a fraction of 1% of the tissue surfac … Read more

AI Helps Unlock the Mysteries of the Brain

The human brain contains around 86 billion neurons and imaging a single cubic millimeter of it can generate more than 1000 terabytes of data. Because of the sheer size, the process of mapping the internal structure of the nervous system is computationally intensive and tedious … Read more