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Easily Build Your First Movie Recommender System

Recommender systems are being deployed everywhere to deliver personalized experiences. Siraj Raval, a former software engineer at Meetup and CBS Interactive, recently launched an entertaining yet informative YouTube channel called Sirajology aimed to inspire and equip developers to build the futur … Read more

Share Your Science: High Performance Computing for Network Intelligence

Hugo Latapie, principal engineer at Cisco shares how they are using NVIDIA GPUs and deep learning in their products for a variety of applications such as encrypted network traffic classification, video compression and state-of-the-art crowd analytics. Latapie also covers how his team takes advantage of NVIDIA-Docker to share machines with different kinds of GPUs and … Read more

Open-Access Visual Search Tool for Satellite Imagery

A new project by Carnegie Mellon University researchers provides journalists, citizen scientists, and other researchers with the ability to quickly scan large geographical regions for specific visual features. Simply click on a feature in the satellite imagery – a baseball diamond, cul-d … Read more
Hanford site supercomputers

Cleaning Up Radioactive Waste from World War II With Supercomputing

The Handford site in southeastern Washington is the largest radioactive waste site in the United Sates and is still awaiting cleanup after more than 70 years. Cleaning up radioactive waste is extremely complicated since some elements stay radioactive for thousands of years. Scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and six universities … Read more
DeepFont Adobe

Adobe Adds ‘Shazam for Fonts’ Tool to Photoshop

Designers have thousands of fonts to choose from, but what do you when you see the perfect font on a building or on a flyer you found on the street? Photoshop is using artificial intelligence to help designers identify typefaces that they have seen elsewher … Read more