NVIDIA Research Puts Smart Picking Within Grasp

As another step toward enabling robots to work effectively in complex environments, robotics researchers from NVIDIA have developed a novel deep learning-based system that allows a robot to perceive household objects in its environment for the purpose of grasping the objects and interacting with them … Read more

AI Enables Markerless Animal Tracking

Researchers from Harvard University along with other collaborators in academia developed a deep learning-based method called DeepLabCut to automatically track and label body parts of moving species with human-like accuracy … Read more

AI Model Could Predict Which Bills Get Passed

State legislatures play a significant role in setting the laws and policies that affect citizens of a state, however, due to the decline of state political coverage in the news, many of the decisions at this level are largely ignored by the public … Read more

AI Can Render 3D Hair in Real Time

Researchers from the University of Southern California, Pinscreen, and Microsoft developed a deep learning-based method that can generate full 3D hair geometry from single-view images in real tim … Read more