The DXR Spotlight contest is back!

We’re bringing back the DXR Spotlight contest for 2020. Last year’s contest was a tremendous success, garnering dozens of entrants and positive press throughout the game and content creation community. … Read more

DLSS 2.0: A Big Leap in AI Rendering

Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is an NVIDIA RTX technology that uses the power of deep learning and AI to boost frame rates while generating beautiful, sharp images for your games. … Read more

Developer Blog: Bringing HLSL Ray Tracing to Vulkan

Many developers port content from DirectX to Vulkan to take advantage of broader market reach. However, porting a title requires porting both the API calls (to Vulkan) and the shaders (to SPIR-V). Here’s how to use HLSL shaders in an existing app, created in the Vulkan Ray Tracing Tutorial written by NVIDIA engineers. … Read more

NVIDIA at GDC 2020

Come join NVIDIA at GDC 2020 in San Francisco from Monday, March 16 to Friday, March 20 to see all the latest breakthroughs in gaming—and beyond. … Read more