Developer Voices

We love seeing all of the social media posts from developers using NVIDIA GPUs – here are a few highlights from the week: Should be titled everyone partners with nvidia on AI development. Cuda is controlling the market. — Geoffrey Papilion (@gpapilion) January 20, 2016 1 of 4 new ultradense #Dell C4130 computing nodes […] … Read more

GPU-Accelerated Docker Containers

Containers wrap applications into an isolated virtual environment to simplify data center deployment. By including all application dependencies (binaries and libraries), application containers can run seamlessly in any data center environment. Docker, the leading container platform, can now be used to containerize GPU-accelerated applications. … Read more

5 Startups Betting Their Future on Deep Learning

A generation of startups are now putting artificial intelligence into the hands of millions. NVIDIA GPUs and deep learning software power much of this work. A billboard ad that guesses your age. A photo app that recognizes your face. A digital math aide that solves quadratic equations. … Read more

NVIDIA Is Unlocking the Potential of Deep Learning

Companies across nearly all industries are exploring how to use GPU-powered deep learning to extract insights from big data. From self-driving cars to disease-detecting mirrors, the use cases for deep learning is expanding by the day. Since computer scientist Geoff Hinton started using GPUs to train his … Read more