Font Identification From Real-World Images

DeepFont is a new CUDA-based system by researchers from Adobe, Google, and Snapchat that achieves higher than 80% top-5 accuracy. Graphic designers have the desire to identify the fonts they encounter in daily life for later use. While they might take a photo of the text of a particularly interesting font and seek out an expert to identify the font, the manual identification process is extremely tedious and error-prone.

Several websites allow users to search and recognize fonts by font similarity, including Identifont, MyFonts, WhatTheFont, and Fontspring. All of them rely on tedious humans interactions and high-quality manual pre-processing of images, and the accuracies are still unsatisfactory.

In comes the Deep Font system.  Using CUDA, GeForce and a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), the system achieves an accuracy of higher than 80% (top-5) on their collected dataset, and also produces a good font similarity measure for font selection and suggestion.

Read the entire research paper >>

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