Baidu Collaborates with Peel for Voice-Controlled Smart Home Products

With over 150 million users and 10 billion monthly remote commands, Peel will begin using Baidu’s Deep Speech technology in their next-generation voice-enabled products.

Deep Speech is a state-of-the-art GPU-trained speech recognition system developed using “end-to-end deep learning” by Baidu Research’s Silicon Valley AI Lab (SVAIL).

Baidu’s Adam Coates, who leads the SVAIL team, said: “Speech recognition is at an inflection point. In the future, it will be as easy to talk to your devices as it is to talk to the person next to you. We are excited about the potential of the collaboration with Peel to bring that experience to users.”

Example of Peel’s universal remote app interface, with voice functionality enabled by Baidu Research’s Deep Speech.

The beta version of Peel’s Deep Speech-powered remote was demonstrated by Baidu at the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley.  The demo shows how speech recognition can be used to access live TV, DVR and streaming content seamlessly across devices.

The remote will be available in both English and Mandarin on Android, followed by iOS.

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