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Selected theater and sponsored session screen casts are now available at NVIDIA's SIGGRAPH 2010 Developer Page. We hope you find these talks valuable!  If you have specific feedback, please post it on the NVIDIA Developer Forums or the GPU Computing Forums

07/29/2010 | Direct link

Major software releases of SceniX, OptiX, and the Cg Toolkit are now available for public download.  More details on these releases can be found on NVIDIA's Application Acceleration Engines page (

07/29/2010 | Direct link

NVIDIA has released drivers for OpenGL 4.1.  The WHQL-certified Windows drivers and Linux drivers provide full support for OpenGL 4.1 and GLSL 4.10. Download links for the drivers, as well as release notes and hardware FAQs, can be found at

07/29/2010 | Direct link

Parallel Nsight Box Image

We're pleased to announce that NVIDIA Parallel Nsight 1.0, our GPGPU and graphics development environment integrated into Visual Studio, has been released. Parallel Nsight bring GPGPU and graphics developers an unprecedented amount of power, and supports APIs like CUDA C/C++, OpenCL, DirectCompute, Direct3D, and OpenGL.

Getting the build:
The build is now available from the Parallel Nsight Developer Zone page.
Follow the instructions on the download page to download and then activate your build immediately.

Parallel Nsight Debugger for GPU Computing

  • Debug your CUDA C/C++ and DirectCompute source code directly on the GPU hardware
  • As the industry's only GPU hardware debugging solution, it drastically increases debugging speed and accuracy
  • Use the familiar Visual Studio Locals, Watches, Memory and Breakpoints windows

Parallel Nsight Analyzer for GPU Computing
(Professional version only)

  • Isolate performance bottlenecks by viewing system-wide CPU+GPU events
  • Support for all major GPU Computing APIs, including CUDA C/C++, OpenCL, and Microsoft DirectCompute

Parallel Nsight Debugger for Graphics Development

  • Debug HLSL shaders directly on the GPU hardware. Drastically increasing debugging speed and accuracy over emulated (SW) debugging
  • Use the familiar Visual Studio Locals, Watches, Memory and Breakpoints windows with HLSL shaders, including DirectCompute code
  • The Debugger supports all HLSL shader types: Vertex, Pixel, Geometry, and Tessellation

Parallel Nsight Graphics Inspector for Graphics Development

  • Graphics Inspector captures Direct3D rendered frames for real-time examination
  • The Frame Profiler automatically identifies bottlenecks and performance information on a per-draw call basis
  • Pixel History shows you all operations that affected a given pixel

07/23/2010 | Direct link

NVIDIA engineers will be speaking at several sessions during SIGGRAPH 2010.  Follow this link to see our schedule on the latest information on rendering, performance analysis, and visual effects.

07/06/2010 | Direct link

OpenCL v1.1 pre-release drivers are now available to GPU Computing registered developers.  Visit for more details on getting the new drivers or applying to become a registered developer.

06/22/2010 | Direct link

The latest version of NVIDIA's, our high-quality GPU accelerated texture compression and workflow tools have been released.

Version 2.08 contains the following improvements:

  • Fixes to float to fixed image conversion
  • Numerous bug-fixes
  • A full changelog is available here: 2.08 Changelog

06/22/2010 | Direct link

NVIDIA is proud to announce the immediate availability of OpenGL 4 drivers for Linux as well as OpenGL 4 WHQL-certified drivers for Windows. Additionally, support for eight new extensions is provided:

  • ARB_texture_compression_bptc – provides additional texture compression functionality specific to the BPTC and BPTC_FLOAT compressed texture formats (called BC7 and BC6H respectively in DirectX 11)
  • EXT_shader_image_load_store - provides GLSL built-in functions allowing shaders to load from, store to, and perform atomic read-modify-write operations to a texture object.
  • EXT_vertex_attrib_64bit - provides OpenGL shading language support for vertex shader inputs with 64-bit floating-point components and OpenGL API support for specifying the value of those inputs.
  • NV_vertex_attrib_integer_64bit - provides support for specifying vertex attributes with 64-bit integer components, analogous to the 64-bit floating point support added in EXT_vertex_attrib_64bit.
  • NV_gpu_program5 - documents the common instruction set and basic functionality provided by NVIDIA's 5th generation of assembly instruction sets supporting programmable graphics pipeline stages.
  • NV_tesssellation_program5 - provides assembly programmable shaders for performing tessellation.
  • NV_gpu_shader5 - provides a superset of the features provided in ARB_gpu_shader5. This includes support for a full set of 8-, 16-, 32-, and 64-bit scalar and vector data types, and more. Additionally, it allows patches (created in the tessellation stage) to be passed on to the geometry shader, used as input to transform feedback, and even passed to fixed-function rasterization.
  • NV_shader_buffer_store – lifts the restriction from the Bindless Graphics extension NV_shader_buffer_load that disallows writes to buffer objects. The shading language is extended to allow shaders to write through (GPU address) pointers. Additionally, the extension provides built-in functions to perform atomic memory transactions to buffer object memory.

The drivers and extension documentation can be downloaded from

04/13/2010 | Direct link

Slide decks and screencasts from our presentations at GDC 2010 are now available at  You will find a wide array of topics, including PhysX, DirectX 11, APEX Clothing and Destruction, Tegra, Parallel Nsight (formerly codenamed "Nexus") and many others.  We anticipate that we will have key presentation videos available by next week, so stay tuned!

03/23/2010 | Direct link

CUDA Toolkit 3.0 gives developers the tools to prepare for Fermi-based GPUs. Includes C++ support, GPGPU/Graphics interoperability, improved tools for Linux, and Tesla Compute Cluster (TCC) drivers.

-   Learn more:

-   Download:

03/23/2010 | Direct link

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