GPU-Trained System Understands Movies

Researchers from Karlsruhe Institute of Tech, MIT and University of Toronto published MovieQA, a dataset that contains 7702 reasoning questions and answers from 294 movies. Their innovative dataset and accuracy metrics provide a well-defined challenge for question/answer machine learning algorithms … Read more

Researchers Using GPUs to Monitor Underage Drinking on Instagram

Instagram could offer a novel way of monitoring the drinking habits of teenagers. Using photos and text from Instagram, a team of researchers from the University of Rochester has shown that this data can not only expose patterns of underage drinking more cheaply and faster than conventional surveys, but also find new … Read more

GPUs are the Unlikely Secret Making Cars Much Smarter

In a recent interview with TIME, NVIDIA’s senior director of automotive Danny Shapiro shares how the company’s innovations in gaming graphics are well-suited to the needs of autonomous vehicles. Driverless cars, which take passengers from A to B with minimal human input, are already hitting American roads … Read more

Deep Speech by Baidu Now Recognizes Mandarin

Chinese search giant Baidu recently presented a new GPU-based Deep Speech deep learning system which has 94% accuracy when handling voice queries in Mandarin. Originally unveiled in December 2014, the speech recognition system was … Read more