Using Sketches to Search for Products Online

Sometimes drawing a quick sketch is easier than using text to describe a particular product you have in mind. Researchers at Queen Mary University of London created a tool that recognizes hand-drawn sketches on a smartphone or tablet and uses them to search for … Read more

Pinterest Introduces the Future of Visual Search

The popular social photo sharing site is adding the ability for people to take a photo of things in the real-world and get recommendations for similar products on Pinterest. For example, If you take a photo of a room with a purse and a lamp on a table that you like, Pinterest will show you […] … Read more

Using Machine Learning to Optimize Warehouse Operations

With thousands of orders placed every hour and each order assigned to a pick list, Europe’s leading online fashion retailer Zalando is using GPU-accelerated deep learning to identify the shortest route possible to products in their 1.3 million-square-foot distribution center. … Read more

How Will Machine Learning Change ECommerce?

Sentient Technologies is using machine learning and GPUs to create a Sales Associate with artificial intelligence for online stores. The company recently announced a collaboration with that uses a ‘Visual Filter’ and machine learning to make it the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered shopping … Read more

Pinterest Sharpens its Visual-Search Skills

The photo-sharing website Pinterest just rolled out a visual search tool that lets you zoom in on a specific object in a pinned image (or “Pin”) and discover visually similar objects, colors, patterns and more. For example, see a lamp that you like in a … Read more

Autonomous Robots to Deliver Your Shopping in 2016

Skype co-founders have launched a company that plans to send GPU-based robots to the homes of consumers for local deliveries. The idea is that the deliveries will be sent to a central hub from which the six-wheeled, electric-powered autonomous robots, outfitted with … Read more

Yelp is Using GPUs to Classify Business Photos

Yelp, a user-generated restaurant and business review website, has began to build an image classification system to help surface the best photos taken at different locations. Yelp hosts tens of millions of photos uploaded by their users worldwide. The wide variety of these photos provides a rich … Read more