Detecting Objects from Space with Artificial Intelligence

To reveal deeper insights into important activities taking place around the world, DigitalGlobe’s advanced satellite constellation collects nearly 4 million km2 of high-resolution earth imagery each day. The company announced they will now rely on NVIDIA GPUs and deep learning to automatically identify objects such as airplanes, … Read more

Share Your Science: Accelerating Digital Rock Physics with GPUs

James McClure, a Computational Scientist with Advanced Research Computing at Virginia Tech describes how they are using the NVIDIA Tesla GPU-accelerated Titan Supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Their project involves mathematical models combined with 3D visualization to provide insight on how fluids move below the surface of the earth. This can ultimately be used […] … Read more

Speeding up Seismic Processing and Interpretation with GPUs

Large reservoirs are found at greater depths and in sediments that are much harder to analyze, like the recent Jack Field discovery in the Gulf of Mexico which was found at more than 20,000 feet under the sea floor. To interpret and discover these reservoirs it is necessary to acquire and … Read more