Customizing Nsight Graphics for Vulkan Applications

If you are building Vulkan applications, Nsight Graphics is an indispensable tool in your utility belt. At GDC 2019, NVIDIA’s Jeff Kiel explained how Nsight Graphics can help solve the most puzzling graphics rendering and performance problems. Getting The Most From Your Vulkan Applications with NVIDIA Nsight Graphics, Jeff’s full GDC presentation, can be found … Read more

NVIDIA Announces Nsight Graphics 2018.7

Today we’re announcing Nsight Graphics 2018.7. In this release, we enhanced our Ray Tracing support by adding the ability to view the scene Bounding Volume Hierarchy: the standardized acceleration structure in realtime ray tracing … Read more

NVIDIA Announces Nsight Graphics 2018.6

NVIDIA is proud to announce Nsight Graphics 2018.6! In this release, we finalized our Linux support for full release, revamped the user documentation, added full Windows Redstone 5 API support, and added support for 15 new Vulkan extensions … Read more