AI Can Interpret and Translate American Sign Language Sentences

To help with sign language translation, Researchers from Michigan State University developed a deep learning-based system that can automatically interpret individual signs of the American Sign Language (ASL) as well as translate full ASL sentences without needing users to pause after each sign … Read more

AI Helps Classify Lung Cancer at the Pathologist Level

researchers from Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center and the Hassanpour Lab at Dartmouth University developed a deep learning-based system for automated classification of histologic subtypes on lung adenocarcinoma surgical resection slides on par with pathologists. … Read more

NVIDIA TITAN RTX Helps Artist Generate Original Paintings

Wondering how AI can inspire artists to create their best work? Renowned artist Chris Peters recently purchased a new NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU with the intention of using it to create art. The results are stunning compositions generated by the AI, and actual oil paintings painted by Peters himself … Read more