Tools and Best Practices For Remote Work

As more developers and scientists across industries work from home - a great user experience is critical to maintaining productivity. To help fellow researchers and developers effectively work from home, here are some best practices from NVIDIA researchers and scientists. … Read more

NVIDIA IndeX Now Available on Google Cloud

NVIDIA IndeX is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. With the IndeX SDK, scientists and researchers can visualize, interact with, and modify massive data sets, and also navigate to the most pertinent parts of the data — all in real time. … Read more

NVIDIA and Oracle Team up to Support AI Startups

As part of GTC Digital, NVIDIA Inception has formalized its partnership with Oracle for Startups. The goal of this collaboration is to help AI startups achieve scale and success. Among these benefits for startups is the option to use the new NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU, coming to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure soon. … Read more