Developing an Autonomous Bot is a Walk in the Park

Each November for the last decade, Tsukuba City in Japan has run a 2,000-meter race unlike just about any other in the world. What’s unusual is not the terrain – spanning parks, city streets, even indoor shopping malls – or the speed, the pace is a leisurely stroll. It’s the participants: each is an autonomous […] … Read more

Deterring Ants with GPUs and Deep Learning

Robert Bond, an NVIDIA engineer, created an “ant annoyer” using deep learning and a Jetson TK1 developer kit to pinpoint ants scuttling across his kitchen floor and target them with a 5 milliwatt laser beam. … Read more

Autonomous Robots to Deliver Your Shopping in 2016

Skype co-founders have launched a company that plans to send GPU-based robots to the homes of consumers for local deliveries. The idea is that the deliveries will be sent to a central hub from which the six-wheeled, electric-powered autonomous robots, outfitted with … Read more