Edit Photos with GANs

In machine learning, a generative model learns to generate samples that have a high probability of being real samples like the samples from the training dataset. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are a very hot topic in Machine Learning. … Read more

Developing an Autonomous Bot is a Walk in the Park

Each November for the last decade, Tsukuba City in Japan has run a 2,000-meter race unlike just about any other in the world. What’s unusual is not the terrain – spanning parks, city streets, even indoor shopping malls – or the speed, the pace is a leisurely stroll. It’s the participants: each is an autonomous […] … Read more

Restb.ai Offers Custom Computer Vision as a Service

The Barcelona-based startup developed a deep learning algorithm to determine in real-time what is in a particular image. RestB is commercializing their high-precision models by charging customers an initial training fee to build a custom model for their needs and charging per API call thereafter. … Read more

AI-Powered Crib Cam Monitors Your Baby

BabbyCam is a new deep learning baby monitor that recognizes your baby, monitors their emotions and will alert you if their face is covered. As a new parent himself, the developer of the camera was in search for … Read more

Lose It!’s New Food Recognition App Counts Calories

The diet app LoseIt! released a new deep learning feature called Snap It that lets users take photos of their food and then it automatically logs the calorie count and nutritional information. Using the NVIDIA DIGITS deep learning training system on … Read more

NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK Now Available

The NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK brings high-performance GPU acceleration to widely used deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, TensorFlow, Theano, and Torch. The powerful suite of tools and libraries are for data scientists to … Read more