Cleaning Up Radioactive Waste from World War II With Supercomputing

The Handford site in southeastern Washington is the largest radioactive waste site in the United Sates and is still awaiting cleanup after more than 70 years. Cleaning up radioactive waste is extremely complicated since some elements stay radioactive for thousands of years. Scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and six universities … Read more

Detecting Objects from Space with Artificial Intelligence

To reveal deeper insights into important activities taking place around the world, DigitalGlobe’s advanced satellite constellation collects nearly 4 million km2 of high-resolution earth imagery each day. The company announced they will now rely on NVIDIA GPUs and deep learning to automatically identify objects such as airplanes, … Read more

Army Unveils World’s 19th Most Powerful Supercomputer

The U.S. Army introduced its newest supercomputer, Excalibur, which will help to ensure Soldiers have the technological advantage on the battlefield. Increased computational capabilities will allow researchers bring improved communications, data and intelligence to Soldiers in … Read more