RAPIDS: The Rise of Notebooks Extended

As we journey to RAPIDS 1.0, we launched an entire new documentation update (https://docs.rapids.ai/) with our 0.6 release. With our 0.7 release, we are making available a new Notebooks Extended repo on GitHub. … Read more

Identifying Endangered Whales with Deep Neural Networks

With less than 500 North Atlantic right whales left in the world’s oceans, knowing the health and status of each whale is integral to the efforts of researchers working to protect the species from extinction. The current process is quite time-consuming and laborious. It starts with … Read more

NVIDIA Backs Data Science Bowl to Fight Heart Disease

Doctors diagnose someone with Cardiovascular disease every 43 seconds so finding new and better ways to speed the diagnosis of heart disease couldn’t be more important. In collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton, Kaggle and the National Institutes of Health, NVIDIA is pleased to support the second annual Data Science Bowl competition. … Read more

Using Machine Learning to Optimize Warehouse Operations

With thousands of orders placed every hour and each order assigned to a pick list, Europe’s leading online fashion retailer Zalando is using GPU-accelerated deep learning to identify the shortest route possible to products in their 1.3 million-square-foot distribution center. … Read more