NVIDIA DeepStream SDK 4.0 Now Available

DeepStream 4.0 delivers a unified code base for all NVIDIA GPUs, quick integration with IoT services, and container deployment, which dramatically enhances the delivery and maintenance of applications at scale. … Read more

AI Helps Pathologists Detect Prostate Cancer

To help alleviate the strain on uropathologists, reduce workloads, and harmonize grading, a team of researchers from 26 worldwide organizations developed a deep learning-based solution to detect and grade cancer in prostate needle biopsy samples. … Read more

Generating Character Animations from Speech with AI

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, a member of NVIDIA’s NVAIL program, developed an end-to-end deep learning algorithm that can take any speech signal as input - and realistically animate it in a wide range of adult faces. … Read more