PGI 17.7 Delivers OpenACC and CUDA Fortran for Volta GPUs

PGI compilers & tools are used by scientists and engineers who develop applications for high-performance computing (HPC) systems. They deliver world-class multicore CPU performance, an easy on-ramp to GPU computing with OpenACC directives, and performance portability across all major HPC platforms … Read more

Scaling TensorFlow and Caffe to 256 GPUs

IBM Research unveiled a “Distributed Deep Learning” (DDL) library that enables cuDNN-accelerated deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch and Chainer to scale to tens of IBM servers leveraging hundreds of GPUs … Read more

Supercomputers Reveal How the HIV Virus Moves

University of Illinois scientists used two GPU-accelerated supercomputers to simulate the behavior of 64 million atoms to capture 1.2 microseconds of the life of an HIV capsid. The simulation offers new insights into how the virus senses its environment and completes its infective cyc … Read more