RESTful Inference with the TensorRT Container and NVIDIA GPU Cloud

Once you have built, trained, tweaked and tuned your deep learning model, you need an inference solution that you need to deploy to a datacenter or to the cloud, and you need to get the maximum possible performance. You may have heard that NVIDIA TensorRT can maximize inference performance on NVIDIA GPUs, but … Read more


NVIDIA is headed to NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems) and we can’t wait to show you our latest AI innovations. Visit our booth (#109) to see cutting-edge technology in action and meet with 40+ members of our AI team focused on research, applied engineering, and solutions engineering … Read more

Google Cloud Lowers the Price of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs

Google announced they are cutting the price of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs in the cloud by up to 36 percent. In US regions, each K80 GPU attached to a Google Compute Engine virtual machine is priced at $0.45 per hour while each P100 costs $1.46 per hour.  … Read more

Simplify the Deployment of HPC Applications with NVIDIA GPU Cloud

NVIDIA announced the availability of HPC application and visualization containers on NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC). Together, these offerings make NGC a single source for researchers seeking access to deep learning frameworks, HPC applications, and visualization tools essential for their scientific workflows … Read more