3D Map of Earth’s Interior

A team of researchers led by Jeroen Tromp at Princeton University used a GPU-accelerated supercomputer to create a detailed 3D picture of Earth’s interior. “This is the first global seismic model where no approximations — other than the chosen numerical method … Read more

Saving Earth’s Coral Reefs with Deep Learning

Global warming and pollution are causing severe stress to coral reefs across the world. Researchers from the University of California Berkeley and University of Queensland developed a deep learning process that automatically analyzes reef photos that will … Read more

Share Your Science: Understanding Agricultural Genomics with GPUs

Understanding the critical genetic traits of agricultural crops will help develop crops faster in order to handle the world’s population growth and climate change. In a collaboration between Biochemist Alex Feltus and Computer Engineering PhD student Karan Sapra, the Clemson University researchers have created an interactive … Read more