Share Your Science: Visualizing 200M Cybersecurity Alerts Daily with GPUs

Joshua Patterson, principal data scientist of Accenture Labs shares how his team is using NVIDIA GPUs and GPU-accelerated libraries to quickly detect security threats by analyzing anomalies in large-scale network graphs.

“When we can move 4 billion node graphs onto a GPU and have the shared memory of all the other GPUs and have that connected processing power… it’s really going to cut-out months of development cycles,” said Joshua referring to NVLink in the recently announced NVIDIA DGX-1 deep learning supercomputer and the new nvGRAPH library in CUDA 8.

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About Brad Nemire

Brad Nemire leads the Developer Communications team at NVIDIA focused on evangelizing amazing GPU-accelerated applications. Prior to NVIDIA, he worked at Arm on the Developer Relations team. Brad graduated from San Diego State University.