RTX Coffee Break: Reference In-Engine Path Tracer (6:22 minutes)

A new video tutorial explains why it’s important to have a path tracer in your rendering engine, and detail how the Optix 5.0 AI Denoiser can improve the quality of a rendered image.


Five Things to Remember:

  • Having a path tracer in your rendering engine is valuable because it allows you to quickly generate a reference image for tuning real-time rendering techniques.
  • In-engine path tracing is easier than it ever has been using DXR and RTX. Developers can just focus on the light transport and algorithm side of things.
  • RTX provides optimized implementations of Acceleration Structure build/update, as well as traversal and scheduling of ray tracing and shading.
  • The NVIDIA Optix 5.0 AI Denoiser improves the quality of the rendered image from 0.8 ssim to .99 ssim (with respect to target reference image).
  • The NVIDIA Optix 5.0 AI Denoiser also blends smoothly between a noisy image and a denoised image starting at some set number of iterations (depending on a scene).

You can find six additional coffee-break length videos about ray tracing in games with RTX on the NVIDIA developer blog.

About Brad Nemire

Brad Nemire leads the Developer Communications team at NVIDIA focused on evangelizing amazing GPU-accelerated applications. Prior to NVIDIA, he worked at Arm on the Developer Relations team. Brad graduated from San Diego State University.