DJI Launches GPU-based High Performance Embedded Computer for Drones

Leading camera drone manufacturer DJI unveiled their new NVIDIA Tegra TK1-powered “Manifold” embedded computer this week. Now, developers can transform aerial platforms into truly intelligent flying robots that perform complex computing tasks and advanced image processing in the sky.

“Designed for developers, the Manifold’s built-in Ubuntu operating system supports CUDA, OpenCV, and ROS,” DJI said. “It is ideal for research and development of professional applications. The Manifold can natively run the DJI Onboard SDK, access flight data, and perform intelligent control and data analysis.”

DJI promised “advanced image processing in the sky,” saying that Manifold uses the NVIDIA Tegra K1 quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 processor with 192 GPU cores. With clock speeds up to 2.2GHz, the GPU cores can achieve throughput of 326 gigaflops, DJI said.

Manifold “can be deployed for use in artificial intelligence applications such as computer vision and deep learning,” according to DJI. “This means your aerial platforms will not only be able to sense the surrounding environment, but also identify objects and respond in an instant.”

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