Autonomous Drone Hunts Down Rogue Drones From the Sky

Once it classifies the object, the Jetson-powered Airspace drone fires a tethered net to capture the other craft from the sky and safely returns it to its landing pad. Airspace is the only drone security solution capable of identifying, tracking, and … Read more

GPU Technology Conference 2017: Call for Submissions Now Open

Take part in the world’s top GPU developer event May 8 -11, 2017 in Silicon Valley where artificial intelligence, virtual reality and autonomous vehicles will take center stage. GTC 2017 provides developers and thought leaders with the opportunity to share their work with thousands of the world’s brightest minds. … Read more

Deep Learning to Help Preserve Privacy from Wearable Cameras

Wearable cameras are opening up exciting new applications, but will also require new techniques to help people preserve their privacy. A group of researchers from Indiana University and Olin College used the Caffe deep learning framework and a Tesla K20 GPU to automatically detect private … Read more

Autonomous Robots to Deliver Your Shopping in 2016

Skype co-founders have launched a company that plans to send GPU-based robots to the homes of consumers for local deliveries. The idea is that the deliveries will be sent to a central hub from which the six-wheeled, electric-powered autonomous robots, outfitted with … Read more

Intelligent Monitoring System to Detect Asphalt Cracks

Training their algorithms with CUDA, researchers from Poland published a paper that presents a new image processing solution that will monitor pavement surfaces by using downward facing cameras placed on the rear of a vehicle. Cracks are the most requiring type of pavement distresses to detect and … Read more