5 Can’t Miss GTC Sessions for Game Developers

With the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) just around the corner, below are the sessions we recommend Game Developers attend to learn how to use our new software. Attendees will learn how to create stunning in-game visuals, ask our engineering team questions directly, and find out what's in the pipeline. … Read more

NVIDIA Announces Nsight Graphics 2020.5

Nsight Graphics 2020.5 is now available for download. With the release of the brand new NVIDIA Ampere microarchitecture, we've made some significant updates. We also have an exciting announcement for Vulkan developers. … Read more

GTC Graphics Technology Presentations

Here’s a preview of some of the Graphics Technology content we’re working on for GTC. Explore topics like AI-enabled applications for content creation or learn about the advanced features for virtualized workloads, simulation, and collaboration. … Read more

NVIDIA SimNet v0.2 Released

NVIDIA announced the release of SimNet v0.2 with new features including support for A100 GPUs and multi-GPU/multi-node, as well as adding a larger set of neural network architectures and a greater solution space addressability. … Read more