Call for Papers: Real-Time Ray Tracing

Real-time ray tracing – the holy grail of graphics, considered unattainable for decades – is now possible for video games. Thanks to advances in GPU hardware and integration in standards like DirectX, game developers will eagerly add ray tracing to take the next step in visual quality and ease of content creation … Read more

NVIDIA Driver Symbol Server Now Available

NVIDIA is making available a repository of driver binaries. So why do we need this? Problem: During application development you may find yourself looking at a crash report with an attached crash dump – unfortunately there’s no guarantee you’ll have the same driver installed on your local system as is used in the dump (typically … Read more

DesignWorks SIGGRAPH 2017 Announcements

Get the latest SDK and tools designed for developers creating professional graphics, advanced rendering, video processing, material design, and 3D printing. We are excited to share a comprehensive update of our innovative and industry leading SDKs and tools for the DesignWorks SIGGRAPH 2017 releas … Read more