AI Algorithm Can Read Your Mind

Researchers from ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories and Kyoto University in Japan developed a deep learning-based algorithm that can generate images from brain activity.  

“The reconstruction algorithm starts from a random image and iteratively optimize the pixel values so that the DNN (deep neural network) features of the input image become similar to those decoded from brain activity across multiple DNN layers,” mentioned the researchers in their paper ‘Deep image reconstruction from human brain activity’. “The resulting optimized image is taken as the reconstruction from the brain activity.”

Using a GTX 1080Ti and Tesla K80 GPU with the cuDNN-accelerated Caffe deep learning framework, the researchers trained their decoders on fMRI data measured while human subjects looked at images over a ten-month period. The images included geometric shapes, natural phenomena and letters of the alphabet.

Overview of deep image reconstruction. The pixels’ values of the input image are optimized so that the DNN features of the image are similar to those decoded from fMRI activity. A deep generator network (DGN) is optionally combined with the DNN to produce natural-looking images, in which optimization is performed at the input space of the DGN.

Below are the results of the algorithm.

“Our brain processes visual information by hierarchically extracting different levels of features or components of different complexities,” Kyoto University Graduate School of Informatics Professor Yukiyasu Kamitani shared about the impact of their work, “These neural networks or AI models can be used as a proxy for the hierarchical structure of the human brain.”

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  • Heaven

    privacy concerns :()

    • wordsforthewise

      not really, you have to have a huge/expensive/immobile fMRI headset on, be sitting still in a magnetically-shielded room, and sit there while they take the measurement

      • Ian Walker

        now, soon it will be a helmet, screwed on as deemed fit…

        • wordsforthewise

          yes and then we will stick thermometers in our butts to check for hepatitis

          • Ian Walker

            nah, y’all will synaesthetically lick your butts via the Jepson Brain Beanie (hmm tastes like HepC, with a spicy undertone of CDiff), and will telaesthetically transmit such via tensorflow graph protocol employed by the telepathic infra-red lcd panels stitched into the beanie. And I am not making this up (much) – literally; Google the Jepson Brain Beanie…

          • Ian Walker

            It’s a modern day odyssey – JSON and the Uberpants…

  • kbhit

    Imagine applying this during dreams… you can pull back old memories/pictures/videos you never captured before on physical media

  • Dat Boi

    Cool, I want to try this with BCi

  • Kommando Kodiak

    Ah let the thoughtcriming begin

    • Ian Walker

      trouble is that not only can they read dem thoughts, hopes, dreams, crimes, and asspirations; they can put the buggers in there! – constructed holographically by infra-red LCD panels stitched into a Jepson Brain Beanie… So you can be thoughtcrimed for a thoughtcrime you never thought, in a simulation of whatever it thought you thought in… think of that! Moreover, the thoughtcrime can be implanted via retarded potentials that travel in a direction opposite to the arrow of time, via an entangled quantum holographic retro-time crystal. Talk about goats in the machine! Herd them, IARPA!