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Icon_perfhud5PerfHUD 6 Beta 2 is our second public beta of PerfHUD. We've been fixing bugs at a breakneck pace, so check out the new build on the PerfHUD Beta page.

Please let us know about any issues you find in the PerfHUD forum.

PerfHUD 6.0 includes many new features:

  • Supports GeForce 8 and 9 GPUs
  • SLI Support
  • Texture Visualization and Overrides
  • API Call List
  • Draw Call Dependency View
  • New CPU/GPU Timing graph
  • Instant Feedback (Hit F4 in PerfHUD to send comments/suggestions directly to the PerfHUD team)
  • And more!

Of course, just as in prior versions, PerfHUD 6.0 Beta includes three powerful analysis modes:

  • The Performance Dashboard, for monitoring your GPU usage in real-time.
  • The Frame Debugger, for examining the data associated with every draw call in your frame.
  • The Frame Profiler, an automated analysis mode that profiles your application on a draw call level.

Posted on 06/04/2008