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We've created two new PerfHUD screencasts, each about 2 minutes long, to introduce you to new features in PerfHUD 6:

  • Texture Visualizations and Overrides
  • Performance Dashboard and SLI

Texture Visualizations and Overrides

This video shows you how to visualize your textures in a full screen, as well as how to override textures with useful debug textures on a per-texture basis, including the mipmap visualization texture.

.mov , .wmv

Performance Dashboard and SLI

This video teaches you how to use several Performance Dashboard features:

  • Speed Control - Pause or slow down your applications speed to isolate difficult to capture effects.
  • The SLI Graph - View hardware performance counters on every GPU in your system.
  • Custom layouts - Save and name your Performance Dashboard layouts so you can bring them up at any time.

.mov , .wmv

Posted on 05/19/2008