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We are pleased to demonstrate the latest version of our NVIDIA Developer Toolkit at GDC 2007, complete with six all-new software products for developers:

  • FX Composer 2. Featuring DirectX and OpenGL support via HLSL, Cg, and COLLADA FX, as well as powerful pipeline integration features for real production environments.
  • Shader Library. The world's largest shader library.
  • SDK 10. All-new code samples for DirectX and OpenGL.
  • GPU-Accelerated Texture Tools. Now more than 10x faster with GPU acceleration via CUDA, and support for DirectX 10 texture formats.
  • PerfHUD 5. Featuring powerful edit-and-continue for shaders and render states, customizable graphs, DirectX 10 and Vista support, and much more.
  • ShaderPerf 2. Support for vertex and pixel shader analysis as well as Release 100 drivers.

We are showing off all these tools at GDC in booth # 5134 and at our various sessions.  The Shader Library, SDK 10, GPU-Accelerated Texture Tools, and ShaderPerf 2 are now available for download.  Betas of FX Composer 2 and PerfKit 5 will be available soon after GDC.

FX Composer 2

ShaderPerf 2


Posted on 03/06/2007