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A beta of NVIDIA's CUDA development environment, NVIDIA's new technology for computing with GPUs, is now posted on This beta release of CUDA contains a C-compiler for the GPU and an SDK with examples to get you started coding to the GPU.

GPU Computing with CUDA is a new approach to computing where hundreds of on-chip processors simultaneously communicate and cooperate to solve complex computing problems. Applications that require mathematically intensive computing on large amounts of data are ideal targets for GPU Computing.

NVIDIA’s CUDA technology is available in GeForce® 8800 graphics products and future NVIDIA Quadro® Professional Graphics solutions based on 8-series GPUs. Developers are invited to download the beta version of the CUDA Software Developers Kit (SDK) and C compiler for Windows XP and Linux (RedHat Release 4 Update 3) from the NVIDIA Developer Web site at  GPU Computing Forums for news, discussion and programming tips are also available at

Posted on 02/16/2007