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We are proud to release NVPerfKit 2, a comprehensive suite of performance tools to help debug and profile OpenGL and Direct3D applications. NVPerfKit gives you access to low-level performance counters inside the driver and hardware counters inside the GPU itself. The counters can be used to determine exactly how your application is using the GPU, identify performance issues, and confirm that performance problems have been resolved.

A major new component in NVPerfKit 2 is NVPerfHUD 4. This latest version of our real-time performance analysis tool now features automated performance analysis, access to GPU performance counters, updated and improved performance graphs, and much more. In a recent survey, over 100 NVPerfHUD 4 users reported an average performance improvement of 34.8% by using NVPerfHUD 4 to tune their applications.  These users also reported that NVPerfHUD 4 helped them find an average of 11 rendering bugs during development. (Results were obtained from individuals using a variety of system configurations and applications. Individual results may vary.)

NVPerfKit 2 consists of the following components:

  • Instrumented Driver
    • Interfaces with graphics API and GPU to provide performance counter data
    • Automatically installed by NVPerfKit installer
  • NVPerfHUD 4
    • Advanced real-time analysis of Direct3D applications
  • NVPerfSDK
    • NVPerfAPI for accessing GPU signals in your applications
    • Sample code and helper classes for OpenGL(tm) and DirectX(tm) applications
    • NVIDIA Developer Control Panel and instrumented driver
  • NVIDIA Plug-in for Microsoft PIX for Windows
  • GLExpert
    • Debug OpenGL usage errors and performance issues
  • Support for PerfMon, Intel(r) VTune(tm), gDEBugger, and other analysis tools
  • gDEBugger 30-day trial version

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Posted on 10/17/2006